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Fairfield Kennels is hosting a K9 Gentle Dental clinic on Thursday, August 1!  K9 Gentle Dental offers anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs - your dog's teeth are gently hand-scaled (inside and out), polished and brushed in about an hour!  Your dog will have beautiful clean teeth, fresh breath and a healthier mouth.  Read more about their services here - then call us at 604-702-0231 to book in your dog!

:: book your doggie in for a teeth cleaning! ::

Spaces are limited so please call us soon at 604-702-0231 to book in your dog!

our MOST frequently asked question... HOW DO YOU GET THE DOGS TO STAY STILL??

So we've created a little video showing how we handle dogs - and also answering some additional FAQs.  
Check it out here!


Why anesthesia-free teeth cleaning?


Anesthesia is not necessary for all dental cleanings.

Our cleanings take less than an hour - and your dog is fully awake throughout the whole process - there is no recuperation time after the procedure.  1 out of 233 dogs/cats WILL die from anesthesia, 1 out of 9 will suffer from a complication caused by the anesthesia.

Tartar (the brown-ish build up along the gumline) is bacteria that causes gum recession and is damaging to the whole dog.

(click on image for more before + after pictures)



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If you would like to learn more about the cleaning process, just call K9 Gentle Dental at 604-363-2264





Why choose K9 Gentle Dental?


  We were trained by a holistic veterinarian in Denver specializing in sedation-free teeth cleanings (not self-taught nor by a groomer with limited knowledge of oral health)

  We work in pairs so that we can more safely handle wiggly/nervous dogs

  We offer a set price of $179+tx ($15 surcharge for dogs 100lbs+) so you always know up front exactly how much you can expect to pay

  We work on dogs of all sizes  

  Our experienced team has a success rate of being able to calm and clean more than 99% of dogs that come to us - but for any reason, if we aren't able to clean your dog - there is absolutely no charge to you. 



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